Summer 2022 – Milan

As you may have heard, there will be no roperetreat in 2022 – or at least not in the concept as it is known. Things went quickly, and we do not have access to the wonderful location in Nemsy as we did before. Since this happened too late to come up with another location for 2022, we had to descide to shift the RopeRetreat to 2023. Stay tuned in the next few months for updates on this…


Since we wanted to provide an alternative, we came up with a little different concept, to enable you to spend a bondage holiday revolving around rope. The concept is different, but let that not stop you.

The short version:

  • An event is hosted in Milan
  • There are 2 ‘episodes’
    • Episode 1: Monday 04/07/2022 – Sunday 10/07/2022 – This week needs to fill up first before the seconds week accepts bookings.
    • Episode 2: Monday 18/07/2022 – Sunday 24/07/2022 – You can book this week, but focus on ‘episode 1’
  • Workshops are given by Kirigami & Tenshiko
  • You book your own staying facilities
  • Besides bondage workshops, sightseeing in Milan and suroundings are provided – and you’re free to join or not of course.

All the details are in the document below.

Signup & registration

If you’re interested in taking part of the event, let me know. is the address to email to 🙂 In case you have specific questions that are not answered in the document, let me know, and we’ll discuss.

When you’re signing up for the event, you’ll get a special link to a form to fill out, and complete your participation. You’ll get an invoice as described, and that’s it. You’re in! Start booking your staying facilities in Milan!