Skipping 2022, moving to 2023


The bad news

For 2022, there will be no RopeRetreat, because the location is not longer available to us. It all went so fast that we were too late to find another suitable spot for this summer. However, for 2023 we’re working hard to come up with a new location, where we can start a new chapter in the history of the RopeRetreat. Good times ahead! Stay tuned for info – subscribe to our newsletter!

The good news

Of course we wanted to provide you with an alternative. And that’s why there will be in 2022 the ‘NoRopeRetreat – Milan’ event. Read all about it here.

See you in the summer!

RopeRetreat teachers – Open call

Because we believe that wonderfull events can only exist with a strong community, we’re reaching out to you to let us know who you would like to see teaching at the RopeRetreat – This year (2022) or an upcoming edition.

Or may you are a teacher? Works as well!

Check out and select ‘Teachers’. Fill out the form, and let us know. Looking forward to hear your suggestions!