RopeRetreat Summer 2020: Nesmy


DATES: The earliest date to arrive is Saturday June 27th. The last day of departure is Saturday July 25th

What to expect from the 2020 RopeRetreat in Nesmy?
In the summary below you’ll get the basics. It is however of UTMOST IMPORTANCE you read the document with the full description!

  • This summer we organize a ‘RopeRetreat’ in the middle of France (Nesmy) between Nantes and Bordeaux. This is a private event with ‘Bondage’ as the central theme. We have at our disposal a large villa with extensive (BDSM) play possibilities, a large pool and everything one can desire. Multiple workshops given by different teachers are available to attend for those interested, and if you are looking for private tuition, you can get some… 
  • If you are looking for a relaxing holiday oriented toward Bondage and want to be able to do whatever you like, you might want to read on. The place is an oasis of tranquility, midst of green, forest, nature, …
  • Stay…
    • Book a room
    • Book a tent that is setup for you and ready when you arrive
    • Book a spot to setup your own tent
  • We have 4 different teachers over – one each week. you can take one or more full workshop week (20h of teaching) for an incredible price.
  • You come an go whenever you like, but it goes without saying you need to be there to take the workshops of your choice.
  • Price is very reasonable, and includes all food and drinks (for specifications: see the document!)
  • Booking is on a ‘first come, first served’ base. Be quick!

Read the full document / description here

Seilartig & FrlLilly

Description of teacher 1

Teacher 2

Description of teacher 2



Asiana saw the first images of tied-up girls on a Japanese website in the ’90s when she lived abroad. It immediately captured her. It wasn’t until 10 years later, back in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that she was able to get her hand on ropes, a book and a model. It was the start of a passionate love affair with kinbaku that still lasts today.

To learn more she travelled to many different places to attend workshops and masterclasses. Her first (private) lesson with a Japanese teacher was 10 years ago with Arisue Go at the Fetish Café in Antwerp. Since then she’s studied a.o. with Kinoko Hajime, Nawashi Kanna & Kagura, Naka Akira and Kasumi Hourai. In 2017 she spent three months in Japan, dedicating her time to studying kinbaku and Japanese culture. That trip was a turning point in her tying style and way of teaching.

Asiana is presently mostly influenced by Nawashi Kanna’s semenawa and Kasumi Hourai’s feminine, wabisabi style. After having focused a lot on suspensions prior to her Japan-trip, she’s now a lot into semi-suspensions and semenawa. Models say about her that they like her strong presence which gives them a feeling of safety and being seen. This allows them to be vulnerable and let go more easily.

In the Netherlands Asiana is well-known in the rope scene. In May 2013 she started a regular Peer Rope under the name of RopeLounge. She’s taught many workshops, courses and private lessons, both at home and abroad. With RopeLounge she’s also hosted a few teachers from abroad to teach, like Otonawa & Tsubasa, Yagami Ren, Kasumi Hourai, and WildTies & RedSabbath. She doesn’t see herself as a performer, but did a few rare appearances at Ellipsis and Eurix, and will perform at Onawa Asobi (Antwerp).

Workshop Program:

Monday 1.1: Introduction to Asiana’s style, which is a diverse one. She’s very much influenced by her own Asian (mostly Chinese) background and the Japanese approach to rope bondage i.e. kinbaku, especially by Nawashi Kanna and Kasumi Hourai. Main focus on Monday will be floorwork, ipponnawa and revisiting foundations. If participants are interested, she may also share how her experience in Japan has changed her, and how she views the different Japanese nawashi she has seen and studied with.

Tuesday 2.1: Strappado’s. Apart from the takatekote, strappado’s are a favourite tie of Asiana’s. It’s not always an easy tie for either the rope top or the model. Asiana will show differrent ways of tying a strappado, and also what you can do with them, from floorwork to (semi-)suspension.

Tuesday 2.2: Flow & rope handling. One of the most important objectives of kinbaku is the eliciting of feelings and emotions within your partner. The better the flow and rope handling, the better the flow between the two of you, the more space there is to focus on one another, rather than on the rope itself. This comes with experience, but there are also a lot of tips and techiques that can help you to get to the next level. Asiana will show these through a series of exercises.

Wednesday 3.1: Semenawa & semi-suspensions. The essence of Asiana’s style. Semenawa is a very broad term for litterally ‘torture rope’, although Asiana sees it much more like (inflicting) suffering. Semenawa is the beauty of suffering. Semi-suspensions can be very challenging in and of itself. Combine it with a deliberate sprinkling of semenawa, and you’ve got the best mix of all. Japanese concepts like ma-ai will be introduced.

Thursday 4.1: Exploring the non-technical aspects of the beauty of kinbaku; how the way the model is dressed (e.g. in juban (Japanese under-kimono, jeans, suit, dresses etc.), may influence (the beauty of) your tying; use of bamboo vs single point; the finishing touches (hair, gags, feet, hands & fingers); attention to details (tying off loose ends). These are possible topics, and depending on time and preferences of the participants we may do some or all of them.

Thursday 4.2: How to start a scene. Very little attention is paid to how to start a scene. Not only in a physical way, but also in a non-physical way. How do you – as a model but also as a rope top – prepare for a scene? Mentally? Emotionally? Physically? And obviously this also depends on the relationship you have with each other. Often, the start becomes predictable, and the last thing we want is a bored model or rope top. We’ll explore different ways of keeping the start interesting and surprising.

Friday: WishWorkshop

Kirigami & Tenshiko

Workshop program

We are going to explore Naka inspired bondage

This week will be about learning how to build ties with a Japanese flavour, and European safety standards.
We will talk about Kinbaku Luxuria’s paramount role in this process, and our personal take on it.

We will try the feeling of semenawa and talk about the beauty of suffering, and the charm of facing labour together with our dearest ones.

We will point out the results of new research conducted during Kinbaku Luxuria certified educators research group in November 2019.

The first day is technically simple and preparatory for other workshops.


We will get acquainted in the morning, and make an assessment of your basic skills through simple but very effective semenawa ties. This ties can easily be performed on the floor or even in bed.

In the afternoon we will study stemless TK and work to understand its structure.


We will study suspension with legs tied together. We will explore the beauty of this iconic tie, and understand how the harmony of the body can help us withstand hard physical stimulation. Advanced handling techniques will be shown to experienced riggers, to make the tie challenging both for naka ryu practitioners, and for those who taste it for the first time.

In the afternoon we will deepen futomomo understanding, through practical exercise involving different hanging points.


We will try one of the most challenging shapes in semenawa: Kata ashi. We will use this tie to learn how a third rope can be used to create semenawa, and to understand to a deeper point how a stemless TK works. For those already acquainted with the shape, several possibilities of variation will be presented, to conceive the concepts of overtying and undertying. A special attention will be dedicated to kazari (the beauty of the suspension lines work).

In the afternoon we will explore a more powerful part of semenawa, through ties draining both bottom and rigger; we will face backbend and talk about the importance of effortlessness and fluidity.


Wishworkshop: we are ready for variations on what was learned before, or something totally new! It is up to you.

This day will be more talkative. We will analyse how to build a good session and a good photoshoot. Basics of storytelling will be presented, and also some practical exercises will enhance the understanding of the most subtle concepts.

Private tuition

Our schedule is very tight, but if you dare taking class early in the morning, we will accept it.

Do you want to take part in the RopeRetreat 2020? Apply by filling out the form below! We’ll get in touch with you asap for confirmation or further questions.

Adjacent to the RopeRetreat, you can join us / stay for the first ‘Fetish & BDSM week’. Check out the info here!